Canberra Stockfeeds Store Opening Raffle Terms and Conditions

To celebrate the opening of our new store in Hall ACT Canberra we have three great prizes to be won including:

Major horse pized valued at approx $1300*

  • 21 x bales of prime lucerne 
  • Abby AppleMax Wormer
  • Amino Gloss Shampoo
  • Barastoc: 1x Calm performer, 1x Complete Perfomer 
  • BetaCalm Paste
  • Benchmark: 1x Perfect Mash, 1x SuperFiber Mash 
  • Kohnke Cell Ultimate 3.5kg 
  • Stance: UlcaBuf 250g, Omega 3 Flaxseed 4.5L and Stance FlexiHemp 

 Major Chicken Prize – One year’s supply of chicken feed!**

  • 9x Conqueror Layer Pellets 18.5% Protein 20kg
  • 5x Bedding straw 
  • 1x shell grit 
  • 2x 80g of Meal worms 
  • 1x chicken womer  
Major Dog prize – One Years supply of Black Hawk dog food ***
  • 4x Black Hawk Adult Dog either Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice 20kg
  • 2x CEN oil for dogs 1L
  • 1x Knong Rope Toy 
  • 3x Treats dried tail 

Terms and Conditions 

  • To enter you must be 18 years or older or have a parent or guarden over 18 years enter on their behalf. 
  • Entries are open from 28/05/2024 to 15/06/2024. Winners will be drawn on the 16/06/2024 
  • Entries are limted to eligible in-store purchases only at Canberra Stockfeeds in Hall ACT Canberra. 
  • One entry is provided per $50 spent in store. i.e $150 spent = 3 rafle entries or $120 spent is = 2 raffle entries. 
  • Entries are limited to one transaction per day per customer. 
  • The raffle a customer can enter either the Horse, chciken, or dog is determind by the products purchased. i.e entry into the horse raffle is limted to those buying horse products or a customer cannot puchase soley chicken food and enter into the dog raffle.
  •  A Bonus entry: Limted to one entry per customer, a bonus entry is provided if a customer likes Canberra stockfeed facebook or instagram page and shares a luanch week post on their social media. Proof must be provided and registration of bonus entry completed. 
  • One bonus entry per eligle purchase is provided to a horse, chicken or dog club that the customer is affiliated with. The entry on behalf of the club will only be honour if the club registers with Canberra stock feed before 5:30pm on 15/06/2024. Bonus entries for clubs is limted to one transaction per day per customer.       



* The value of the Horse prize is baised on recommended retail pricingon the 28/05/2024. The value of the prize may increase or decrease without warning due to changes to recommmned retail prizing by suppliers. 

**1 Years supply of chicken feed is based on a recommended feed rate of approximately 120g pellets per hen per day. The years supply is for a flock of 4 hens. The total pellets for a years supply = 175.2kg or 8.76 20kg bags. 9 x 20kg bags are being provided.  

*** 1 Years supply of dog food is based off medium dog of 20kg with a recommended feed rate of 200grams per day. The total of which = 73kg. Four bags or 80kgs is being provided. 

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